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The Central Chilean city of Valpara¨ªso, the capital of the Province and Region by the same name, is the country¡¯s second largest city, and is inhabited by nearly 300,000 people in an area of 402 square kilometers. Known as the ¡°Port Capital¡±, Valpara¨ªso boasts South America¡¯s largest deep-water port along the Pacific coast as well as Chile¡¯s largest trade port, and thus is the country¡¯s major gateway to the Pacific Ocean and to trading partners across the world. While trade through Valpara¨ªso accounts for more than half of the national total, manufacturing, commerce, service and tourism are also major contributors to the city¡¯s economy.

The establishment of sister-city relationship on 10 July 2001 has enhanced port and cultural cooperation between Shanghai and Valpara¨ªso.

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