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Jeollabuk-do, facing the Chinese mainland across the sea, is located on the southwest of ROK, 240 kilometers from Seoul. It covers an area of 8,050 square kilometers. Jeollabuk-do boasts magnificent natural scenery, long standing cultural traditions and folk art. The fertile plain on the west of the Noryeong Mountains is acclaimed as granaries since its residents have been living wealthy lives since ancient times. With the recent economic globalization, the pillar industries of Jeollabuk-do economy have changed from agriculture to such hi-tech sectors as automobile, biology and imaging.

Since Jeollabuk-do and Shanghai established relationship of friendly exchange on 17 April 2003, the two sides have carried out exchange programs in economy, agriculture, culture, tourism and youth relations. In April 2003, Jeollabuk-do Trade Representative Office was opened in Shanghai